Partial List of PCB Trade Names

Aceclor Adkarel ALC Apirolio Apirorlio Arochlor Arochlors Aroclor Aroclors Arubren Asbestol ASK Askael Askarel Auxol Bakola Biphenyl, chlorinated Chlophen Chloretol Chlorextol Chlorinated biphenyl Chlorinated diphenyl Chlorinol Chlorobiphenyl Chlorodiphenyl Chlorphen Chorextol Chorinol Clophen Clophenharz Cloresil Clorinal Clorphen Decachlorodiphenyl Delor Delorene Diaclor Dicolor Diconal Diphenyl, chlorinated DK Duconal Dykanol Educarel EEC-18 Elaol Electrophenyl Elemex Elinol Eucarel Fenchlor […]

Inspectors Against a Toxic Legacy

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